Can anything be done to stop menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, hair loss, foggy thinking, reduced sex drive, bone loss, mood swings, and zest for life?

Yes, by replenishing your hormones with bio-identical hormones!

What are bio-identical hormones?

They are hormones that a pharmacist makes that are IDENTICAL to the human hormone molecule. Your body made these when you were younger.  When you use them, your body will think that your body made them unlike pharmaceutical drugs that your body doesn’t recognize and then you get side effects.

I thought estrogen causes cancer.

Actually, cancer risk is highest between ages 45 to 50 when your hormones start to decline and become unbalanced, also known as perimenopause. Women have a 50% increased risk of all types of cancer in this age bracket and 75% of women get breast cancer after age 50 or after they go through menopause. Now synthetic hormones are linked with increased risk of breast cancer, like Premarin and Prempro which are derived from horse urine and are not identical to the human hormone molecule. They have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, there is not one research study linking CBHRT with cancer. When you get your hormones checked you can have what is called an estrogen metabolism test which tells which way your body is metabolizing estrogen to a cancer protective estrogen or cancer-causing estrogen, and this can be fixed with CBHRT.

Can’t I just take Black cohosh for hot flashes?

Well, it may help a little, but black cohosh will not give you any health benefits like CBHRT. For example, estradiol protects women against colon cancer, heart attacks, dementia, and OP as it does for men too! Progesterone protects women against breast cancer and men against prostate cancer.

You mean men need estrogen and progesterone like women?

Yes, but in much lower amounts. Men and women make the same hormones, but need them in opposite strengths for health reasons. That is why when an integrative doctor discusses CBHRT they oftentimes mention “anti-aging” medicine because CBHRT helps to slow down the aging process.  You may notice wrinkles improving, thicker and more elastic skin, clearer thinking, and more energy like when you were younger.

So, does that mean I may need testosterone?  Wouldn’t that cause me to grow a mustache?

No, not at all, because your hormones would be balanced. You may have made too much testosterone when you were younger and have residual hair growth, but starting at age 50 or so, your male hormones decrease and eventually you no longer make any. Replacing with DHEA helps protect you against all types of cancer, gives you more energy, helps relieve depression, help with weight loss and fat plus it makes it easier to gain muscle mass.  Testosterone can help reverse bone loss (OP), give your vitality back and improve your sex drive!!!

I want to feel and look better like when I was younger!! How do I get started?  

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