Can testosterone replacement therapy affect creativity? 
This is a super interesting question. Anyone who is old enough to have watched their favorite artist – painter, musician, actor, poet – have a career of 20-30 years or more may have asked if they’re losing it. “It” being the spark, passion, desire, drive, mojo, or even magic. What many people don’t know is “it” can have a different name, testosterone.
Testosterone increases creativity. Many artists who slowly lose “it” with age may even feel pressure, internally or externally, to stop working for lack of energy and creative results in their work. When these aging artists receive testosterone therapy, they’re usually able to return to work, and with a revived passion, energy, and imagination.
It’s as if testosterone makes the world around us more vibrant, which helps men appreciate beauty and the opportunity to create and connect. Testosterone starts to decline, for a number or reasons, at ages 25-30, and most men aged 30-40 begin to suffer from testosterone deficiency severely enough to justify testosterone supplementation, at least at a low dose.
Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Affect Creativity?
How does testosterone increase creativity? 
The science indicates that testosterone likely stimulates imagination and creativity by first converting into estradiol. The brain is rich with the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into this powerful female hormone. After testosterone has become estradiol, it can then turn into catecholestrogens.
Catecholestrogens are an important group of estrogen metabolites which possess significant endocrine properties. They are synthesized in brain as well as the liver and other tissues. Catecholestrogens act as neurotransmitters on the nervous system like the catecholamines dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.
These natural substances drive energy and spark excitement. In a way they fan the flames of creativity and imagination in men.
Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Affect Creativity?

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