My life slowly came to a halt when I was about 30.

Every day I suffered excruciating stomach pain from bloating, and diarrhea alternating with constipation. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and frequent visits to the bathroom, which left me exhausted.

My stomach problems affected every facet of my life. I was unable to hold down a job because of the pain, time spent in the bathroom, exhaustion, and cloudy thinking. I wouldn’t travel for fear of not being able to find a restroom fast enough. You can imagine the fear and anxiety I felt just trying get through even the most basic aspects of normal life let alone trying to have a professional or social life.

Over the years I sought treatment from four different gastroenterologists and none of them found the root cause. They diagnosed me with acid reflux, even though I told them I didn’t have the key symptoms, and suggested acid blockers which made it worse. I joked to my family that I would have been better off asking a shoe salesman for a diagnosis.

At this point in my journey my body was not absorbing sufficient calories and at 5 feet 5 inches I withered from 150 to 100 pounds. One specialist gave me about 4 years to live and nothing new to treat my condition or symptoms.

I addressed my employment problem by going into business for myself with my own jewelry store, a dream of mine since I was a kid. However, the reality of having a jewelry story was not the stuff of my dreams. Due to the pain, foggy thinking, shaking, and exhaustion from my condition my days were short and unproductive.

Yet, opening the jewelry store turns out to be key decision in my path to recovery.

About 10 years into my torment, I decided to close the store, draft my will, and enlist in the military to go out with a bang helping our country fight in Iraq. Before I could do that, a customer came into my store and changed my health and my life.

Dr. Laura Deleruyelle came to my store for jewelry repair. As we become friends, she became aware of my symptoms and encouraged me to visit her clinic for lab work and an examination. I was hesitant, but Dr. Laura was persistent and I agreed.

I thank God every day I made that decision. She quickly discovered the root cause of my symptoms. I had lead poisoning, gluten intolerance, food sensitivity, a vitamin B-12 deficiency, and my testosterone had bottomed out from years of stress.

Dr. Laura created a specific diet plan paired with IV therapy, vitamin injections, and hormone replacement therapy. In less than a month I felt 30% better. By 6-months I had 75% improvement. I was my old self again within a year.

The change was so remarkable that friends who hadn’t seen me since I started seeing Dr. Laura didn’t recognize me! A close friend told me it was almost impossible to have a conversation before treatment because I could not keep my train of thought. Dr. Laura said I would have been fully demented by age 45 if my lead toxicity had not been treated. All I can say is she saved my life.

If you have a difficulty getting to the root cause of your symptoms, Dr. Laura will not give up on you until she finds out what is wrong.

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