Testosterone replacement therapy sharpens thinking and memory 
While researching testosterone or hormone replacement therapy, you may have come across the suggestion that testosterone improves cognitive function concept, but what does it mean?

Testosterone helps men recall information faster, to see what truly matters with greater clearly, prioritize important tasks rather than accessory ones, improves short- and long-term memory, and makes it easier for men to study and gain new knowledge.

Testosterone stimulates memory and intelligence in two ways 

  1. Testosterone does not increase the number of neurons, but it does increase the number of synaptic connections among them. More information can be processed, understood, and recalled when there are more of these connections among neurons.
  2. Testosterone also thickens the myelin sheaths around the axons that send information from one neuron to another. Thicker myelin sheaths enable information to travel through the axons more quickly.

Faster and more robust information processing helps men understand and process complex information easier. As we like to say, it sharpens the mind.

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