THIS! Total Health Integrated Services

About Total Health Integrative Services

If you’re interested, we have a few things to say.

To start with, we have no investors. We’re founder owned and operated by people who care deeply about people. We don’t have a sales staff. Everyone we employ is somewhat of a healthcare guide who is capable of helping you with your needs. Privacy by default is the way we operate, and we’ll never sell your data. Ever. That’s healthcare done the right way.

Our people are the heart of all our services central to all our processes and services. On top of our core values, we also believe in making your interactions was frictionless as possible.

Here’s how we work:

  • You’ll never receive a “no reply” email from us.
  • We have no “partnerships” like those who will sell your private information.
  • Our phone number is on the bottom of every page on this site.
  • We have no phone trees. The people answering the phones can help you without transferring you.
  • In the event you get our voicemail, you will get a return call within 2 business hours.
  • All support and operations are US-based.
  • All emails are answered same day.
  • Every email from our staff will include a proper signature with contact information. No hiding.
  • You will never be forced to deal with logging into a system for customer service.
  • In one click you can see our email, phone number, or start a chat with a real human.
  • Every single email we send can be replied to, and you’ll get a response before end of business hours.
  • We’ve never charged a late fee.

Many of us remember a time when your word meant something, and people cared more about their reputation and integrity than the bottom line.

  • How many conversations have you had with a business where someone wants you to schedule some weird video call weeks out instead of just picking up the phone or answering your question or email?
  • How many online portals have you logged into recently where you hit 5 buttons to realize you can’t actually do anything helpful without calling?
  • And how many times have you had to call a business to get a proper response?

That’s no way to live or, in the world according to us, run a business.

Just call us. Just email us. Just chat us. We don’t use automated customer service to save a buck on payroll costs. We use humans who care. Our employees’ job performance is based on how they help you. Dealing with us should be simple. That’s the world we want, and our model reflects that simple desire. We make the experience of starting and maintaining a relationship as easy as possible. We try to make the day to day experience our staff has working here less annoying than other jobs. Our goal is to do business the right way.