What results have you experienced?

It’s literally checked every box; better sleep, mood, libido, energy, focus, and strength.

What surprised you the most?

Two things come to mind, my performance in the gym and my performance after COVID. The workout routine I follow became a slow grind until I was on the program. Now I see improvement every single time I’m in the gym. I always life more weight, perform more reps, or sometimes both.

What surprised you about your performance after COVID?

My gym, of course, was closed for around two months and during that time I didn’t do anything. Not a single pushup. I should have, but I didn’t. And when I went back to the gym after zero resistance training for two-months I was actually lifting more than when the gym closed. I keep a progress journal and thought I’d have to drop 5-10% on all of my lifts to get back into things because that’s what would have happened before I was on the program. But that didn’t happen. I was amazed.

What concerns did you have about going on the program?

Several things; would the injections hurt, would it even work, and the cost.

“Everything is clear. It’s better. It’s easier. Even the hard stuff is more fun. You’re up for a challenge.”

Can you speak to any of those concerns?

Sure. Giving myself an injection was strange at first, but you do it a few times and it’s no big deal. I started to feel results by the second week so the question of “would it work?” left my mind real fast. There is a cost to all of this and I have a two thoughts on that. First, the program has affected every area of my life and everything has improved across the board from the gym to work to family. It’s hard to put a price on that. I’d pay double if I had to. Second, and along those same lines, when you experience improvements you can ride this upward spiral where you’re just motivated to do better healthier things for yourself. One of those is I quit smoking and that goes back to the money because smoking cost me more than the medication. If you look at it that way, and I do, the THIS! program is saving me a few hundred dollars a year and swapped out something that will kill me for something that makes me feel great.

That’s wonderful to hear! What is the biggest benefit for you?

Easy, family. I got started on my family later in life. I’m 39, my wife is still in her 20’s, and our kids are 2 and 1. Everything I’ve done to improve myself has a positive impact on my wife, which has a positive impact on our kids. “Happy wife, happy life”…there is a lot of truth to that. I’ve got enough gas in the tank to keep up with my kids all day long without issue. I’m able to do things as a husband and father that would have been exhausting a year ago.

Thank you for sharing that. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, just try it…it works. The crazy thing is I, like I assume a lot of people, got to a point in my life that I didn’t like, but it happened so slowly I didn’t realize it. I didn’t notice. It builds slow. Things get little harder, your frustrated just a little more, sex isn’t as important…to you, by the way, your wife probably still cares even if she won’t say so. It’s so slow that it can just seem normal. Then you fix the problem and it’s like stepping out of a fog. Everything is clear. It’s better. It’s easier. Even the hard stuff is more fun. You’re up for a challenge. Your state of mind is better. If some jerk cuts you off in traffic. Who cares? I’m having a great day. I had breakfast with my family, a great workout in the gym, kicked ass at work, and now I’m going home to see my kids and go to bed with my wife. Sorry you’re having a bad day, but you’re not going to bring me into your nonsense. My life is great.

Thank you for your time, Thomas.

Thank you. I hope it helps someone. Like the guy said, I’m a patient for life.

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